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17 June, 2020

We're happy to announce that Ergo ($ERG) is listed on Sistemkoin Exchange

9 June, 2020

EMURGO, a global blockchain solutions firm & a founding entity of the globally recognized Cardano protocol, announces today a strategic partnership with Ergo - a proof-of-work blockchain protocol built to be a platform for applications with a main focus on providing simple solutions for financial contracts with its UTXO-based smart contracts.

31 May, 2020

This release is fixing a problem from 3.2.5 with possibility of duplicate inputs for transaction assembler, see ( #1126 ) for details

26 May, 2020

Support for offchain boxes spending ( #1032 ), downloading logic fix for the case when best full block is not on the best header-chain

18 May, 2020

Build transaction with token burning (PR #1101), default transaction complexity limit raised to 250K (PR #1104) and fixes

15 May, 2020

We present ZeroJoin, a practical privacy-enhancing protocol for blockchain transactions.

14 May, 2020

Integration with Cypra wallet, Coinsbit listing and censorhip resistant mining pool

13 May, 2020

Ergo Platform moving towards being true community-driven Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency

13 May, 2020

We're happy to announce that Ergo ($ERG) is listed on Coinsbit Exchange

13 May, 2020

Ergo is a smart contracts and DeFi platform that offers powerful but safe smart contracts, with Sigma protocols enabling flexible, highly composable applications out of the box.

12 May, 2020

Fixes and improvements. Details in the description of the release

8 May, 2020

The extension section contains certain mandatory fields including links for NiPoPoW and parameters for miner voting, such as current block size.

1 May, 2020

Ergo implements NiPoPoWs, or Non-interactive Proof-of-Proof-of-Work. This technology can be explored in full on this dedicated website:

29 April, 2020

Ergo is pioneering the declarative model as a better and safer alternative to the now popular imperative model of smart contracts.

24 April, 2020

Ergo allows partial swaps. Just like on a regular exchange, orders can be partially filled, if that’s what the trader wants.

23 April, 2020

Blockchains are siloed systems that can only reference their own data, established by consensus. Oracles are the solution to the problem of working with external information, which is vital for many everyday use cases.

21 April, 2020

One community member, Robert, describes this function as ‘on-chain garbage collection’ that reduces the problem of blockchain bloat – and even makes it profitable.

3 April, 2020

The need to reform the global financial system has been clear since the last crisis in 2008. Now, COVID-19 has forced our hands. We cannot delay, and the best way to start is from the grassroots.

3 April, 2020

As the next financial crisis takes hold, it’s clear that conventional monetary policy is at its limit. Smart contract platforms like Ergo enable more innovative, targeted implementations of economic stimulation that the conventional banking sector cannot achieve.

24 March, 2020

Fixes and improvements. Details in the description of the release

23 March, 2020

A powerful mixer that works by pooling funds and enabling participants to spend them without anyone knowing who made the transactions

3 March, 2020

This series explores the choices we have made in creating Ergo, with the first article unpacking the advantages of the UTXO model

26 February, 2020

Desktop versions can be found here

19 February, 2020

Mempool and miner made friendly to transactions spending outputs of offchain transactions, parameter for syncing detection during headers-chain download and more

4 February, 2020

January 2020

2 February, 2020

Please note that this plan is minimum and very realistic

23 January, 2020

You are welcome to join us

17 January, 2020

In this work, we propose a concrete example of such a mechanism which is using collateralized smart contracts

17 January, 2020

Join us and help build the decentralized future

12 January, 2020

We would like to announce that Ergo has successfully passed security audit of certain (most critical) parts of the code

8 January, 2020

Alexander Chepurnoy: "your paper Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes Using Collateralized Smart Contracts has been accepted for publication at WTSC@FC20"

7 January, 2020

This release introduces breaking changes and improvements, ~3-4x faster-bootstrapping 👍 Resync needed, more details in the description of the release 🔥

4 January, 2020

Download binaries for MacOS, Windows and Linux

4 January, 2020

ErgoTool is a command line interface (CLI) for Ergo blockchain

24 December, 2019

24 December, 2019

23 December, 2019

(combining cryptographic sigma-protocols with predicates on blockchain state and spending transaction)

23 December, 2019

Ergo is using highly efficient AVL+ tree implementation for authenticating the state, proof size is few times smaller than in Ethereum! details:

23 December, 2019

19 December, 2019

Node UI (/panel) updated, cross-build for Scala 2.11 and few fixes. Details in the description of the release

12 December, 2019

Part I: Technical Aspects

4 December, 2019

This minor release includes new API method /script/executeWithContext and new integration tests.

4 December, 2019

The library for Ergo platform, written in TypeScript, and compiled to JavaScript

3 December, 2019

Appkit: A Library for Polyglot Development of Ergo Applications

3 December, 2019

Simplified tutorial for new users

30 October, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) is listed on Probit Exchange

29 October, 2019

This release includes simplified wallet UI, improved memory footprint due to more efficient ErgoTree interpreter, and some bugfixes

14 October, 2019

This release includes rebroadcasting of mempool transactions. API route to generate P2SH address disabled

8 October, 2019

Deposits and trading open at: 2019-10-09 15:00(UTC+8)

8 October, 2019

New UI available(e.g. A simplified wallet UI will be added in next versions. New API methods to get wallet status and address from a script

16 September, 2019

BISQ, the decentralized P2P exchange network, added support for ERG

14 September, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) is listed on P2PB2B Exchange

6 September, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) will be listed on Hotbit exchange

27 August, 2019

This release is introducing an improved database layer - faster bootstrap, reduced storage size and memory footprint. Full resync is needed

20 August, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) is listed on Vgate Exchange

20 August, 2019

This release includes fixes and introduces new API methods. Details in the description of the release

6 August, 2019

This release is introducing a filter for cumulative transaction input scripts complexity for the miners. Wallet, API methods and Swagger UI updated

30 July, 2019

This release is introducing an improved box selector aka transaction assembler and memory footprint reduction thanks to optimized (de)serialization 🔥

19 July, 2019

This release is introducing a timestamp bugfix in block candidate generation algorithm. Highly recommended for miners

18 July, 2019

This release includes fixes and introduces new API methods. Details in the description of the release

11 July, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) is integrated with Magnum Wallet

9 July, 2019

Big thank you to all enthusiasts, developers, miners, other folks, and our families for measureless help with Ergo development and launching.

4 July, 2019

This release includes API improvements.

3 July, 2019

We're happy to announce that ERGO ($ERG) is listed on Tidex Exchange

3 July, 2019

This guide will help miners to withdraw mined funds.

1 July, 2019

Ergo mainnet is launced. Check here -

1 July, 2019

The Ergo explorer provides detailed information about addresses, blocks and transactions on the Ergo network

1 July, 2019

This release includes hard-coded proof-of-no-premine and genesis state root hash. Thanks to all who made it for mainnet launch

28 June, 2019

Ergo native token (ERG) will be listed soon after the mainnet launch.

28 June, 2019

In order to join the network at its very beginning and compete to mine the genesis block, you need to follow the steps included in this guide.

27 June, 2019

Sigma-State language updated, new API methods

26 June, 2019

Instructions on how to join mainnet right after launch is coming shortly.

24 June, 2019

Both CPU and GPU miners are welcome to join

14 June, 2019

Ergo native token (ERG) will be listed right after the mainnet launch.

13 June, 2019

Due to delays with exchange listings and new issues found we've decided to postpone the mainnet launch till June 28. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

13 June, 2019

Episode 276: Crypto for Good with The Giving Block

12 June, 2019

Support of coordinated network bootstrapping. Fixes of multiple genesis processing and network byte in addresses.

11 June, 2019

Bitcoin | The Next Evolution of Money by DataDash

5 June, 2019

ERG will be listed soon after mainnet launch and will be available for payment and swap with over 170 crypto!

5 June, 2019

Following up the PRE-ANN thread on Bitcointalk which was started almost two years ago, the Ergo team would like to announce the upcoming launch of Ergo, a resilient platform for contractual money.

5 June, 2019

Voting for soft-forkability feature implemented, Sigma-State language updated. More details in the description of the release.

3 June, 2019

We continue to reach out to the Chinese crypto community. Chinese website coming soon.

30 May, 2019

A Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) is aimed at developing local economy and is usually used by people of a locality in the vicinity of each other.

20 May, 2019

Ergo’s native token is called Erg and its emission schedule may be of keen interest to users and miners of the platform.

17 May, 2019

Wallet persistence added. Stateful validation of transactions via API.

15 May, 2019

A deep general-purpose overview of the Ergo platform.

7 May, 2019

Due to delays in (mostly) testing and the security audit, we've decided to postpone the mainnet launch until June 20.

24 April, 2019

High-level overview of the vision, consensus, clients, survivability, economy, and applicability.

3 April, 2019

Mining is the process of adding new blocks into the Ergo blockchain by performing resource-intensive computations.

2 April, 2019

Testnet 2.0.3 released with various bug fixes and GPU mining support.

19 March, 2019

Transcript of Q&A session with Alex Chepurnoy and Dmitry Meshkov

17 March, 2019

Tutorial explaining how to install and configure Ergo node.

14 March, 2019

The super big step towards Ergo Platform launch! All the major features are implemented, just optimization, testing and security audit remain. It should be binary compatible with the mainnet, time to integrate and write your DApps!

12 March, 2019

Paper published, we would be happy to get feedback!