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Hall Of Fame

Ergo was founded with a team who have solid backgrounds in core development with cryptocurrencies and blockchain frameworks including NXT, Scorex, Cardano and Waves. Below are brief biographies for some of the core ERGO team as well as some of the many other developers and community members involved, some of whom are anonymous.

Ergo is grassroots, and most core team members (and even foundation members) started out as community members. There is a brief description as well as information to read more about the Ergo Foundation at the bottom of this page.

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Active in blockchain since 2011, Chepurnoy (kushti) has written over 20 academic papers and more than 15 years experience in software development. Co-founder of ERGO, he was also a co-founder of (now Chainlink), a core developer at NXT, and one of the first employees at IOHK, where he was a Research Fellow and Team Scorex Manager.

Alexander Chepurnoy

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Usov (eilemust / deadit) is a Software Engineer, ex. Frontend Team Lead at Citymobil, Javascript developer at Chatfuel.

Dmitry Usov

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Oskin (oskin1) is a Software Engineer, Lead Scala Developer at

Ilya Oskin

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Benjamin is Ergo's wallet app and ecosystem developer. His software development career started in 1993 on Windows 3.1, and since these days he was active in development of business software, games, and financial apps, always living his passion to build complex user interfaces.

Benjamin Stahlfelge

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Andy joined us last year and manages our YouTube whilst juggling video production for Ergohack and other events.

Andy Lowe

Dan started his professional career in 1999 as a developer for a San Francisco-based software company 2Bridge, one of the pioneers in Web Content Management Systems. After moving to Japan, Dan successfully applied his knowledge to the Japanese market eventually becoming CTO of an Osaka based software development firm, specializing in Augmented Reality mobile applications. He is strategic advisor for Ergo and business developer for IOHK.

Dan Friedman

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Marcelo Roncatti is a Brazilian multifaceted designer and art director working over 20 years in the graphics and visual arts Co-Founder and Partner of the graphic design studio called Estudio Colletivo, a multidisciplinary design office that works on branding projects, graphic design and interface design.

Marcelo Roncatti

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Sakata, otherwise known as Ollie, has volunteered for the role as co-host for the Ergo Cast to assist in delivering its vision. Ollie is a member within the ERGO community and is studying towards a degree in Computing outside of the podcast.

Ollie (Sakata)

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CW is an active community member and was appointed Ergo Social Media Manager with the goal of building and maintaining community engagement. He has over 12 years of experience in business and property investment and has been investing in crypto since 2015.


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Jennie has been an enthusiastic member of the ergonaut community and one of the first Sigmanauts. She has helped run Ergo’s socials, ran raffles for charity, created content with the editorial team, helped moderate channels, helped build community spirit and helped establish connections between communities of the UTXO Alliance. The main source of drive and inspiration for her contributions to the Ergo ecosystem is the Ergo Manifesto.

Jennie D

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Martin (mx) is an engineer and graduate in Automatics and Robotics. He has over 5 years experience in crypto and is a co-founder of the WAVES Platform. Martin was an Ergo Foundation Board Member and is passionate about open, truly decentralised blockchain technology.

Martin Spodymek

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Filippo has been a blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013. He is a co-founder of the Blockchain Education Network, a consultant and advisor Crea Network, COO of the Lescovex Exchange and an ERGO Community Volunteer.

Filippo Florián

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Noah became involved in Ergo Community in spring of 2021. Eventually he joined the Sigmanauts program as one of the original pilot members. Thereafter, he helped bring the Sigmaverse project to life by seeking out and tracking new projects in the Ergo ecosystem. His primary goal is to act as an ambassador between different community members and find avenues where their collaboaration may be possible.


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Alison (anon_br) is a software engineer passionate about facilitating crypto adoption through enhanced user experience. You’ll find him helping out in the Portuguese community and wallet chats while building tools to help the user experience, such as the Paper Wallet and Ledger.

Alison Robson

Marketing Manager of Ergo. Graduated a Masters degree in International Management. Angie has served as the Head of Customer Service for a company group, Business Development and Marketing for a Tier 1 media business and several product companies. The scope of her work has covered a broad outlook in the digital sector. An expert in crypto marketing, Angie has worked in the blockchain indusrty since 2017.

Angie Har

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Slesarenko (morphic) is an ERGO Foundation Board Member and graduate of Applied Mathematics from Udmurt State University. He is founder of Scalan and has extensive experience in software development as a team leader, architect and researcher. Slesarenko is a Blockchain Core Developer and Lead Developer of ErgoScript at ERGO, and an Expert Team Leader at Huawei Research Lab.

Alexander Slesarenko

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Mohammad (mhs_sam) has a PhD in computer science and over 12 years of experience in security and software development as product owner, researcher, and team leader. He developed the ERGO mining softwares, Stratum server, and ergopool (smart contract based pool to bypass pool-resistance of Autolykos v1) and became an ERGO Foundation Board Member in 2020.

Mohammad Hasan Samadani

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Justin has 13 years of Investment Banking experience and has been involved with crypto and Bitcoin since 2013. Now an ERGO Board Member and exclusively focused on crypto, he is most passionate about open, permissionless and decentralised blockchain platforms.

Justin Simpson

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Mark is an Ergo Foundation member and works across various roles in Ergo. As a Computing Science graduate with a personal passion for improving inclusive systems, he is also the Technical Director for Disabled Students UK CIC, a non-profit, named as one of the most influential disability-led organisations in the UK.

Mark Glasgow

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Ergo Foundation Treasurer. Graduated “Mathematical methods on Economics” and worked as an Analyst in Bank for 4 years before pivoting career path to Hospitality, however, she always has been passionate about Analytics and Accounting.

Anastasiia Sidorova

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Joseph has been involved in crypto on the investment side since 2013, and was a partner CIO at Big Bear Investments. Joseph has been on the board of Universal Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization since 2008. He brings a passion for counter economic frameworks, and tools for social good. His role as business developer is creating partnerships in the crypto industry as well as educational partnerships, research opportunities and driving the adoption of Ergo tooling in the public and non-profit sectors.

Joseph Armeanio

The Ergo Foundation is a community-driven entity focused on
  • Promoting non-breaking development of Ergo Platform protocol;
  • Publicizing the widespread adoption and use of Ergo Platform and its native token (ERG);
  • Developing the ecosystem around the Ergo Platform;
  • Spread the use of Ergo Platform and blockchain technology for social good ;
  • Uphold truly decentralized infrastructure, and;
  • Supporting privacy as a basic human right.

Our Mission

Ergo Foundation is committed to organic and non-breaking development of Ergo Platform protocol.

The Ergo Foundation is committed to make efforts to maximize the number of valuable ecosystem developments done in an open-source way with the least permissive license possible.