The Sigmanauts Program


January 1, 2021

As is laid out in the Ergo Manifesto, Ergo is designed for the everyday, ordinary citizen. It is a response to centralized banking powers and the weaponization of money. When Alex Chepurnoy (aka Kushti) talks about the future of Ergo, he encourages people to “take as much control of the Ergo ecosystem as you possibly can.”

How can people do this? How do they take control of the ecosystem? As a blockchain, Ergo has demonstrated that it has the potential to bring out the best in humanity - the community has quickly become one of Ergo’s greatest strengths. Recognizing the need for organizational procedures to help focus the ideas of a collective, we’ve created the Sigmanauts Program.

The Sigmanauts Program is designed to help people participate in, and take ownership of, Ergo. What can you bring to Ergo? What are your strengths and how can they be applied to the collective efforts of the community? If you are interested in becoming a contributing member of the Sigmanauts Program, there are three categories for you to consider.

Growth - What skills do you have to assist in growing the community and attracting people of diverse backgrounds and skill sets? Maybe you have marketing expertise and would like to contribute to the promotion of Ergo. Or maybe you have connections to other projects and/or communities that would be interested in what Ergo offers.

Community - There will always be new people coming to the Ergo ecosystem. Who can answer any questions they may have? Who can be a trusted source of information? The ecosystem will always need informed and trustworthy people to develop and maintain a healthy and safe community. As the ecosystem continues to grow, there will also be a continued need for people who can be representatives to new demographics. This category is for those who are interested in being ambassadors, moderators, and/or translators.

Creative - Are you a skiller graphic designer, videographer or writer? Do you have social media expertise? If so, there is always a need for creative people with these specialized skill sets. As the Ergo ecosystem grows, there will be a continued need for video tutorials, technical blogs, how-to guides, infographics, etc.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, there is a formal application process for becoming a Sigmanaut. Once accepted into the Sigmanauts Program, you will be assigned the role of SigCAN (Sigmanaut Candidate), where you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents within a team. Over time, your role can evolve to become a Sigmanaut, and that comes with a great deal of responsibility. Community members will look to you as a trusted source of information. You will also be responsible for representing the Ergo ecosystem in a manner that upholds the professional standards of the ecosystem and the Ergo Foundation.

Sigmanaut Application Form

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