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Ergo Foundation

April 29, 2024

The Ergo Foundation and MEXC exchange are pleased to announce that $ERG trading is now live on MEXC exchange as of April 29, 2024 at 10:30 UTC.

A growing company in the crypto exchange industry, MEXC currently ranks 11th on Coin Market Cap's top exchanges. It offers fiat support for 15 different currencies, and it lists more coins than the top 10 exchanges on the list. Servicing over 10 million customers, MEXC is available to users in over 170 countries. It holds over $4 billion in assets and has achieved over $1.24 billion in spot trading volume in the last 24 hours.

The Power of Community

This exchange listing was made possible through the initiative and efforts of the Ergo Community. Spearheaded by the Sigmanauts, a community Ergo Raffle was held to raise over 28k ERG. Through the generous contributions of the Ergo community, the raffle successfully raised the required funds, and the Ergo Foundation contributed the necessary market-making fund for the listing.

Ergonauts and MEXC customers can now trade $ERG coins on the MEXC exchange. If you are new to MEXC exchange, please visit their website for more info on their products as well as how to create an account. If you are an existing MEXC customer and would like to learn more about the Ergo Platform, please visit the Ergo website.

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