2024 Ergo Summit - Future of Finance, Ways of Adoption

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January 9, 2024

As we enter the New Year, the Ergo Platform continues to demonstrate new feats of development. Recently, Rosen Bridge went live between Cardano and Ergo, and this incredible accomplishment showcases the power of open source development and community collaboration. This decentralized cross-chain bridge has the potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry, making it a cross-chain hub for people to swap native assets not only between Cardano and Ergo, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Dogecoin.

As we celebrate the launch of this new bridge, the Ergo Foundation is also busy preparing for the upcoming Ergo Summit. For the last several years, the Ergo Summit has served as a catalyst for discussion and development of blockchain technology, and it is an event that welcomes new and existing Ergonauts to learn about the projects and ideas that are being designed and tested on Ergo.

This year, the Ergo Summit will take place from January 15-19, and it will explore the theme of the Future of Finance: Ways of Adoption. Over 4 days, audiences will have the opportunity to hear from Ergo core and community developers as well as blockchain industry experts. They will learn about projects that have built (or are building) dApps on Ergo, and they will have the chance to learn about innovative new ideas that are being explored for practical use on the blockchain.

Scheduled Events

Each presentation will be made available on Ergo’s YouTube Channel, and they will all be free to the public. Below is brief overview of the topics and presenters that audiences can look forward to:

Sidechains with Alex Chepurnoy (kushti)

Founder and core developer, Alex Chepurnoy, will present a discussion on the implementation of Sidechains with Ergo. This talk will cover the inspiration for Sidechains and possible contract designs.

Analog Ergo Atomic Swap Marketplace with Ryan

A recent winner of ErgoHack VII, Analog Ergo Atomic Swap is a dApp that will enable multiple entities to perform trustless cross-chain atomic swaps. Ryan will offer a presentation on Analog Ergo Atomic Swap, including contract construction and an example of a swap between Ergo and Ethereum.

Lilium Event Ticketing with LGD and MGpai

Lilium is a next generation smart contract platform that allows users to mint and create NFT collections. In particular, this platform aims to revolutionize the event ticketing industry. This video will offer audiences a closer look at how the dApp is designed as well as recent updates to Lilium’s website UI.

HodlBox with TMR.ERG

TMR.ERG offers a presentation on HodlBox, one of ErgoHack’s prize winners. This dApp encourages users to lock their $ERG in a contract until either the price hits $20 or 12 months transpires.

BlitzTCG with Mick

Mick shares his thoughts on blockchain, future adoption, and gaming. His presentation includes why he chose Ergo for his NFT trading card game as well as insightful suggestions on how to talk about blockchain to someone that is new to the technology.

zenGate with Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman, CEO of zenGate, talks about his thoughts on mass adoption. As a leader in the integration of real-world assets and blockchain technology, he shares how these new financial products can be a catalyst for the onboarding of new users.

Reputation System with jossemii

This video offers audiences a chance to learn about a blockchain reputation system. This project was a recent ErgoHack VII submission, and the goal of the Reputation System is to use algorithms to create a rating system that establishes trustworthy entities in the ecosystem. In essence, this project can lead to a system that weeds out bad actors.

Terahertz with Liquid Phase (Mike)

Mike discusses the intersection of music, musicians, music lovers, and blockchain. His project, Terahertz, is a music publishing platform on the Ergo Platform that offers decentralized solutions for artists. Of particular concern to Terahertz is the need for fans and artists to be able to more directly connect with one another.

Satergo Light Node with Aberg

As the Ergo blockchain grows, there is a need for people to deploy more nodes. With the implementation of NIPoPoWs on Ergo, people can now enjoy full node security on simple computing devices (such as a mobile device). In this video, Aberg gives us a step-by-step guide on how to set up this critical blockchain infrastructure.

Future of Finance with Alex Chepurnoy (kushti)

In this video, Chepurnoy shares his thoughts on what the future of finance looks like when compared to the current state of finance. He shares his hopes for the solutions Ergo offers and how Ergo’s advanced DeFi capabilities will be pivotal for the future of finance and mass adoption.

Stay tuned to all of Ergo’s social media channels for updates and video releases during the 2024 Ergo Summit!

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