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April 25, 2023

In 2022, The Sigmanauts Program was created as a community-run organization to encourage people to participate in, and take ownership of, Ergo. The program focuses on fostering a culture that creates a safe and open digital community, all while working to promote the unique tools and products of the Ergo ecosystem. Members volunteer their time, skills, and resources to deliver on the goals of the Sigmanauts.

Ergo is a grassroots protocol. That means there are no VC firms paying for advertising, market making, or exchange listings. Although the Ergo Foundation has a marketing and creative content team, the growth of the Ergo blockchain also depends on grassroots marketing in tandem with active participation from the community. Community marketing takes many forms, from promoting Ergo related content on social media (such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.) to offering creative content, such as blog posts or videos on Youtube and/or TikTok.

The promotion of Ergo related content is crucial for the growth of the ecosystem. As more people come to Ergo, it is essential that they are warmly welcomed by a knowledgeable and trusted community. Dedicated individuals are necessary to help maintain a healthy and safe community, where Sigmanauts help new demographics feel comfortable and assist in the creation of sub-communities. It is important to remember that Ergo has no borders and strives to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and languages - translators play a crucial role.

The Sigmanaut Program currently has two tiers of members: Sigmanauts and SigCans (Sigmanaut Candidates). Anyone who is passionate about promoting Ergo is encouraged to consider joining the Sigmanaut Program as a SigCan. If you carve out a role in the community and show commitment and initiative, you can be sponsored by a current Sigmanaut to apply to become a full member of the team. Sigmanaut status comes with voting and committee/committee leadership responsibilities.

The future of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) is still a work in progress. With the Sigmanauts, voting on proposals is carried out through the SigmaVote app (developed by one of the members). As Paideia gets closer to offering its full suite of tooling, DAO decisions will soon migrate to on-chain voting. Using Padeia’s software, the Sigmanauts Program will become a prime example of how DAO’s can create real value for a community and ecosystem.

The goal of a Sigmanaut is to spread awareness about the Ergo blockchain, all while helping to foster an ecosystem where stewardship remains with the people in a decentralized and transparent manner. If you want to learn more about the program, please visit the Sigmanauts Twitter, or fill out an application here. You can also explore the archival recordings of Sigmanaut meetings, which are hosted every Sunday and posted in the main Ergo general chats. These meetings go over pertinent weekly discussion topics, such as organizational structure, contribution ideas, and how to find new and creative ways to promote the Ergo Platform.

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