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November 11, 2021

The Ergo Auction House is the open-source, decentralized NFT marketplace on the Ergo blockchain. Whether visual, audio or a custom token, users can list an NFT on Ergo Auctions or search for other NFTs to acquire. The first-ever NFT on Ergo was created almost a year ago, and Ergo Auction House has been welcoming many artists ever since then. 

We are proud to present the newly revamped Ergo Auction House v2 website with a renovated user interface and new smart contract upgrades. 

After many long nights, anon_real has implemented the V2 contracts which allow for Artist Royalties, enabling artists to claim a percentage of every resale for their artwork. Users can now mint NFTs and start an auction all from within the same website. Artists will also be glad to hear that Luivatra has integrated a warning in case of a suspected counterfeit of NFTs before bidding. 

Here are only some of the new features:

  • Much easier user experience for issuing artworks, starting auctions, and placing bids for both buyers and artists. This is done by supporting the Yoroi dapp connector (currently only works with Yoroi Nighty) and ErgoWallet Android (by easy QR codes)
  • Many UI improvements including notifications, in the AH artwork issuance page, owned artworks section, and more.
  • Supporting other currencies alongside ERG. Currently, the AH supports ERG, SigUSD, SigRSV, and kushti token (in @kushti’s honor) as currencies.
  • Royalty feature – artists can set royalty percentages for secondary sales upon issuance.
  • Video NFTs.
  • Audio NFTs with cover.
  • Instant buy option.
  • Better design for minimum bid which allows sellers to set the minimum bid amount as high as they wish without actually placing the first bid themselves.

If you are an artist there are several things that you should take into consideration for using the Ergo Auction House. Please consult the forum for Artist Guideline

The Ergo NFT community is buzzing right now with new drops and new artists appearing every day (See this previous article for more). Ergo NFTs are already easy and cost effective to mint, and the gasless approach of Ergo is built to sustain cheap fees in the future. A non-custodial wallet like Yoroi or Android wallet will be enough to get your hands on Ergo NFTs.

If you are interested in NFTs, be sure to also visit our discord!

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