Ergo: New Standard For NFTs

Ergo Platform

November 1, 2021

The Ergo NFT Auction House will soon be upgraded to a version that will feature a new user interface as well as important features for protecting artist royalties. The NFT developer team is firmly committed to improving the Ergo NFT experience for both artists and collectors.

Additionally, these updates will introduce artist pages as a new feature. The developer team is also working on a solution that will address and prevent the copycat art issuance problem on Ergo’s blockchain. 

We are witnessing a surge in interest from artists in our community and it is vitally important that they are properly protected and compensated through copyright solutions and royalties, respectively. This is especially important as we push the Ergo Ecosystem further towards mainstream adoption. Ergonauts are launching original NFT series’ on the Ergo Platform and members of the Cardano NFT community have started to list their projects in the Ergo Auction House.

NFTs on Ergo use the extended UTXO model for proof of authenticity. Users can issue potential NFTs using the Ergo Auction House or Ergoutils with their non-custodial wallets (like the Yoroi or Android Wallet). Issued artworks on these platforms are uploaded to IPFS servers and then live on decentralized databases. 

As the Ergo Ecosystem continues to expand, we want to thank all the Ergonauts who support art and the decentralized marketplace for Ergo NFT’s. If you are new to Ergo, here are some of the latest NFT projects you can find on the ecosystem.

The Ergnomes team is one of the earliest developers of Ergo NFTs. They issued 477 unique Ergnomes on their first series and subsequently have issued 3000 Gnomekins this Halloween. You can check out the project on the Ergnomes website, NFT Auctions or social media. The most expensive sale from their series was Alex Chepurnoy’s Ergnomes NFT which sold for 1420 ERG.

The next project, CyberCitizens is an extension of the team's first project: ErgoPixels. After their succesful first drop, they rebranded as Cybercitizens to fit with the theme and style of their vision. There are 2080 unique CyberCitizens and authenticity can be verifiable on their catalogue. They are planning their next drop after the Auction House V2 update.Please visit their website for more information.

Cypherkics are the first sneaker centered NFT project from the Cardano NFT ecosystem. They made a Halloween NFT airdrop in collaboration with ErgoDEX. The team is mainly active in the Cardano NFT (CNFT) space but they also have close relations with the Ergonauts community. You can check out their project on Twitter.

We encourage all artists and collectors to explore our Ergo NFT Auction House where commission fees are negligible. It costs only 0.1 ERG to mint an NFT and there is a near-zero cost for transactions. NFT’s on Ergo are secure and sustainable with IPFS decentralized storage. 

For a complete listing of all available NFT’s, please visit Ergo Auction House. With the upcoming upgrades to Auction House V2 quickly approaching, we look forward to even greater demand and traffic for Ergo NFT’s!

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