Ergo & CCX: A New Partnership

Ergo Foundation

November 1, 2021

By popular demand through a vote on their Discord server, Conceal Network (CCX) is building a bridge to Ergo! This bridge will bring the wCCX token, which is 1:1 swappable with CCX, to the Ergo blockchain and the ERG token to Conceal Network. Read more about the anatomy of Wrapped CCX

Privacy-oriented projects are essential and more tools focusing on these projects are needed as we continue towards increased adoption.

In the future, this partnership hopes to collaborate on bringing Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM capabilities to ERG, privacy gateways, trustless swaps using HTLC, and of course, a shared focus on Layer-2 UTXO research. 

Conceal Network is a community-driven decentralized blockchain, free from financial institutions’ involvement and powered by 100% open-source code. It is accessible to anyone in the world regardless of their geographic location or status. 

With this overlap of ideals, a collaboration between Ergo and Conceal Network should come as no surprise. 

Conceal Networks native coin (₡CCX) is based on the Cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network technology that operates without a central authority. You control the private keys to your funds.

Conceal Network avoids many concerns around Bitcoin (e.g. technological, environmental impacts, reputation and security) and is an excellent private alternative store of value.

Flagship Features (see the Conceal Wiki or this interview for more)

  • Anonymous payments
  • Protected Proof of Work
  • Private banking via Cold-staking by making use of HTLC
  • Fungible
  • Scalable
  • Dynamic Adaptive Limits
  • Unlinkable Transactions
  • Private on-chain (self-destructive) encrypted Messages
  • Private off-chain p2p encrypted audio- and video calls with Conceal Live 

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