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January 28, 2022

The first official Ergo community in Italy

Ergo was born on April 8th, 2019. At 8:41 p.m. the first block was mined, the first cry of a child screaming: Revolution! The birth of an ecosystem where cryptocurrency is conceived as a tool "that must enrich human value rather than subjugate humans to surveillance and systems of control". An ecosystem built through collaboration and sharing of those rights and values ​​that see the human being -ordinary people- at the center, under the banner of the division of labor, solidarity and mutual aid. Not a treasure map but an instrument of liberation, a way of life aimed at building a better future, not only through coding and programming languages, but also through education and sharing of these important discoveries. It can initiate those small daily revolutions that are able to shape our world, ergonomically.

On January 25th 2022, at 21:00 UTC + 1, the first Italian Ergo online community is officially born. From the enthusiasm of the Italian Ergonauts, an idea that has materialized into a virtual meeting point where you can get to know and experience the innovative potential of the ecosystem. A community made up of people looking to share a little-known tool, but of great usefulness and depth. Among the thousands of crypto projects, something extremely revolutionary was born. It has cypherpunk philosophical roots and values ​​the legacy of bitcoin without upsetting it, it is more than two years old and was born and survived a ferocious crypto winter where many other projects have not made it. If you actively participate in the life of the community you will be immersed in this fantastic world that uses BlockChain technology, and supported by the solid principles that from Bitcoin onwards have characterized the free and decentralized opensource ecosystems. “Ergo was the first blockchain on the market with a functional extended UTXO smart contract model. So far, the Ergo blockchain has been the first chain to release Dapp, Dex, Stablecoin, Oracle Model, NFT, and native assets in extended UTXO. Ergo's extended UTXO model uses functional programming, Ergoscript, a subset of Scala. " Unfortunately, these news have been slow to hit Italy- could the Alps be blocking them?

By registering to, Ergo's headquarters in Italy, it will be possible to consult the extensive official documentation. The articles on mining, the manifesto and real-time market trends are already available, while white papers I, II and III, which are in translation, will soon be available on the website. Not an Ergonaut yet? No fear!

You can register for free, quickly and easily.

Ergo Italy is waiting for you!

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