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January 13, 2022

Education initiatives are an important aspect for the ongoing development of Ergo’s ecosystem and the team behind community project Ergo Lend, has developed a new online training course for those interested in learning about Ergo and ErgoScript. With courses like these, new community members can access resources to help them better understand the tools, structures and principles of Ergo.

The education program is named Ergo Learn - soon to be rebranded as DeCo (Decentralized Collaboration). Over a period of eight weeks, participants will learn about extended UTXO and boxes, registers, ErgoScript, designing simple systems, multi-transaction systems, and much more. According to their Reddit post, the ErgoLearn (DeCo) course aims to empower individuals with the following skills:

“1. Explain basic eUTXOs concepts

 2. Design basic Financial Systems on Ergo

 3. Interact with Ergo Smart Contract developers

 4. Navigate through basic ErgoScript”

Creating and deploying a curriculum takes considerable time and resources and the team behind the project have launched a fundraiser on Ergo Raffle: ErgoLearn (DeCo) Funding. For those who are interested in supporting this education initiative, you can participate in the raffle for one more day and have a chance at winning 5% of the total ERG collected. Additionally, it was recently announced that the customary 5% service charge for a raffle is also being awarded to the winner. This means that the lucky winner of this raffle will win at least 119.9 ERG (the total collected thus far for the raffle is 1199 ERG).

Keep an eye out for other great community initiatives in the Ergo ecosystem. With all the activity from community contributors, 2022 is shaping up to be a busy year for the Ergo ecosystem.

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