ErgoDEX New UI Launch

Ergo Platform

November 9, 2021

ErgoDEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Ergo blockchain. The extended UTXO design of ErgoDEX allows it the unique ability to implement cross-chain liquidity among Cardano and Ergo exchanges. ErgoDEX uses the already familiar Automated Market Maker(AMM) and will also implement a decentralized order-book model.

The first UI release was meant to give early access in order to test ErgoDEX’s capabilities. The new UI release brings an elegant look with Day/Night viewing modes. Tokens are updated with their new logos and now the team is passing on to the next stage in the roadmap.

The ErgoDEX team is now implementing the decentralized order-book model on shared liquidity pools with AMM pools. After this stage, the next step in development will be Cardano integration. The team has already implemented the Plutus Port and now they are waiting for Cardano smart contracts to become functional.

Currently, the ErgoDEX Beta release can be used with Yoroi Nightly Connector. Users can swap ERG, SigRSV, SigUSD and provide liquidity for ERG/SigUSD and ERG/SigRSV pairs. There are also community token trading pairs Erdoge/Kushti. 

The new Yoroi release will soon enable using ErgoDEX directly and the Ergo team is working collaboratively with the EMURGO team to launch the wallet. 

The off-chain logic of ErgoDEX relies on nodes and the Off-Chain Bots design of ErgoDEX enables all participants to be able to run an ErgoDEX node and earn protocol fees. The decentralized off-chain bots will secure the decentralized nature of ErgoDEX and incentivize participants to host their own node.

To check out the roadmap and the new ErgoDEX release, please see the  ErgoDEX website.

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