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2 November, 2021

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Ergo believes that people should take as much control of the ecosystem as possible to support decentralization and hopes to develop the crypto community and ecosystem through grassroots movements. The Ergo ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace in terms of both development and user base. We build in collaboration thanks to all the Ergonauts who support and take control of the ecosystem.

Alex (Kushti) Chepurnoy recently posted a proposition from a big Ergo investor named Good Whale. In their desire to support Ergo research & development, Good Whale is offering grants up to $20,000 SigUSD (each!) This is not a contract job, so developers who apply for this grant will also control the products created and any resulting income flow.

Good whale’s fund is mostly interested in the following topics:

  • developing a standard for NiPoPoW-based certificates for NFTs 
  • developing contracts and UI for Ergo Name System (alternative for Namecoin, Handshake, Ethereum Name Service)
  • developing applications on top of ErgoDEX, such as DexyUSD Dexy USD - Simplest Stablecoin Design, token sales with buyback guarantees New Ergo Smart DEX Orders with buyback guarantees | Ergo etc
  • developing standard DeFi stack: lending applications, financial instruments (futures, options), etc
  • Mixicles and other private DeFi applications
  • Mutual credit systems, targeted microloans, savings cooperatives and other community-powering DeFi

These are initial categories, and interested developers are free to propose their own!

Please note that this is an additional fund to help promote and speed up Ergo ecosystem bootstrapping. There are bounties up for bugs, tutorials, and new applications on the grow-ergo repository. There are also more than 4k ERG in the DarkFund0, reserved for privacy-preserving applications.

The Ergo Foundation is always interested in viewing all grant proposals.

If you are interested in building with Ergo and supporting development, please send your proposals to [email protected].

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