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28 September, 2021

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As we get closer to ErgoHack II: Social Transformation, the discussion around blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption is attracting more attention. Bitcoin is now recognized as legal tender in El Salvador, thirteen years after its creation as a peer-to-peer cash system. Additionally, smart contracts, DeFi and NFTs are becoming more integrated in our daily lives.  As activity increases in blockchain networks, more users and developers continue to join and access this important technology.

Alex (Kushti) Chepurnoy writes in the Ergo Manifesto that:

“Cryptocurrency should provide tools to enrich ordinary people. Their small businesses providing no much above making ends meet, not depersonalized big financial capital. This is what inspired me. This is my dream.”

To secure equal means for everyone, it is important for blockchain to be decentralized. 

Ergo believes in a grassroots movement that is often contrary to venture capital funded, centralized blockchain networks. Blockchains are not just digital tools. They are a collection of users and platforms teeming with activity, culminating in a rich and active ecosystem that almost feels alive. In order for a healthy ecosystem to flourish, accessibility and open dialogue between our developer and user community is a priority. The sustainability of this will depend on community collaboration, as Ergo does not function as a profit oriented business. 

Taking inspiration again from Kushti’s philosophy:

“Take as much control over the Ergo ecosystem as you possibly can.”

Decentralization is important for building a secure and global network. Decentralization protects people from network manipulation. Users are able to join a network with their own hardware and be rewarded through providing services such as mining and oracle pools. 

We are building an ecosystem that thrives with community cooperation. Social transformation is on the horizon and the invitation has been extended to everyone to participate in building a mutually beneficial community. We invite you to share your thoughts in our Ergo Idea Incubator as we launch our ErgoHack resources for hackathon participants. 

There are over 100 applications and we eagerly look forward to this event from October 8-10th. ErgoHack II will be openly held on Discord with talks and interviews throughout each day of the hackathon.

Teams and juries will be announced within the week. Check about the latest developments on Ergo and ErgoDEX ecosystem with Armeanio, Ilya and Kushti’s interview with Paul before the launch of ErgoHack II.

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