Ergoutils: A How-To Guide


July 16, 2021 is a decentralized application created by a community developer to provide useful functions for all users in a non-custodial manner, independent of their wallets. Users can easily create custom tokens and mint visual and audio NFTs. The user interface has an efficient layout and is designed for ease of use.

You can issue your own token

You can create picture NFTs

And you can mint audio NFTs

You can also airdrop your newly created tokens and NFTs.

Ergoutils also provides unique privacy features with mixer-hops. This allows you to ‘hop’ your mixer withdrawals through several other wallets, creating permanent obfuscation points.

With Ergoutils, the UI integration offers some playful functionalities on Ergo. Now that you have a sense of Ergoutils operation, please feel free to try out one of the first dApp implementations on the Ergo ecosystem.

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