Updated 2021 RoadMap From Kushti

Ergo Platform

July 13, 2021

Please see the full video for details on the ErgoVersary roadmap update 


Ergo is community-driven with new members joining every day

Devs are not full-time, they come and go

Devs are anonymous

Ergo Development 21’ RoadMap

  • Layers
  • Ergo protocol research and development
  • Reference Client Node
  • Basic Infrastructure (libraries, explorer, wallets)
  • Applications
  • Social Impact (This will later be covered in a full video)

*New partnerships are on the way

*New Research is coming

*Ergo is catching up with new trends.

Main Directions

"Hard-forks are painful." - Kushti

Note: Hard-forks are not expected in the future, the aim is to avoid hard-forks at all costs.

  1. Networking Layer (efficiency)
  2. Simplified contracts casting (next soft-fork) - ErgoTree Update
  3. Ergo.Meta (Layer 2) - off-chain and side-chain solutions framework
  4. ErgoTree - There will be only Velvet Soft Forks in the future


  • Ergo.Meta: Cookbook for off-chain and sidechain protocols on top of Ergo.
  • High Throughput (rate of transaction processing)
  • Improved Scalability (decreased latency)
  • Improved Cross-Chain Operability
  • Clean Wallet - Bootstrapping within minutes

Ergo Infrastructure


New Wallets Are Coming!

1 - Cypro Wallet - Privacy-oriented mobile wallet with swaps.

2 - Ledger - Tesseract.one team continues to develop Ergo integration with Ledger and a demo will be released in the coming weeks. 

3 - ergowallet.io - desktop wallet with improved privacy - Community made wallet

4 - A new Android wallet is coming!

*Additional partnerships with other known wallets are currently in discussion.

Ergo Node - Reference Protocol Client

Yoroi dApp Bridge has been implemented and is under testing. We are expecting the first use will be on ErgoDEX.


- Sigma-Rust - good progress

- AppKit - good progress

- JDE - recently released

Ergo Applications

- ErgoDEX: Release is coming! Liquidity Mining will be available with SigUSD and ERG liquidity pools.

- Gateways Under Testing: Multi-chain Ergo will be opened through Gravity integration. USDT, USDN, ETH, BTC and many more will be accessible on Ergo. Similarly, Ergo will be on BSC, Solana, Waves and many more blockchains.

- ErgoFund - OnGoing : Foundation Fund implementation for future development resources.

- ErgoTeam - OnGoing:  Community driven implementation of zero-knowledge spending vaults

- LETS - Alternative Financial Systems: Implementation will start after ErgoFund.


-Tokenization of ErgoMixer - Contracts are done (other apps may follow -eg. ErgoAuctions)

-Improved token sales via newer crowdfunding implementations.

-More NFTs are being minted on Ergo Auctions.

-Community will create and invent novel token schemes (ICO on Ergo). 


-Apps on top of ErgoMixer (as API)

-Stealth Pools & Mixing Pools

-Private swaps with other schnorr + secp256k1 based currencies (like BTC)

-Mixer Hops - Obfuscation Applications

Hackathon Teams and Apps:

-Ergo Raffle: Charity Lottery Implementation

-SigmaStamp: Timestamping on Ergo

-ErgoTeam: Zero-knowledge spending vaults

-SmartPool: NIPoPoW based decentralized mining

-ErgoIndex: Pegged token creation contract that will facilitate integration with traditional finance.

-ErgoCharts: Charting application for Ergo ecosystem through oracle pools feed.

Ergo Incubator and Community Funds

DarkFund0 - Still looking for applications

GoodWhale is looking for grants (it’s an anonymous investor, offering $20K in SigUSD)

More funds are coming!

Ergo Incubator - A project that will be funded by Ergo Foundation with weekly reports.

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