Ledger Integration begins

Ergo Foundation

May 7, 2021

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with Tesseract Systems through our grants program that is going to provide full integration with the  Ledger hardware wallet. This integration will allow Ergonauts to safely store their ERG tokens with the world's most secure hardware wallet.

While there are many other ways users can store and interact with their ERG and tokens, the ledger provides a fully secure way to do this, ensuring that the private keys are never exposed to the internet directly when making a transaction. 

This ongoing collaboration will be a continuation of our constant search for better compatibility features, allowing users to access, store and manage ERG tokens on their Ledger devices.

The ledger hardware wallet, along with the live app, enables users to secure and control their portfolios fully. The two main wallets introduced by the company are the base model Nano S, for everyday crypto enthusiasts who are looking to secure their assets from home, or the upgraded Nano X model that allows them to manage it on the go from their smartphone. 

Ledger Benefits and security

Ledger is pioneering hardware wallet technology, providing unprecedented levels of security for crypto assets by creating devices that are secure by design.

All hardware wallets created by the company possess a certified chip built to hold off any attacks. Aptly named the  “Secure element”. This provides an extra layer of security through cryptography. These chips are similar to the ones used in likes of passports and SIM cards. Nano wallets also have a unique and customized OS called “Bolos” explicitly designed to protect crypto assets which grant the higher protection against attacks possible.

Ledger wallets are the first and only certified hardware wallets on the market, approved by ANSSI, the french independent cybersecurity agency.

About ERGO

Founded by some of the leading technologists in the sector. ERGO is a Proof of Work blockchain platform featuring smart contract capabilities that allow for full integration with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

ERGOs Sigma protocols and blockchain architecture allow for what otherwise would be very difficult in conventional smart contract platforms. The use cases for financial contracts are endless, including the issuance of decentralized stablecoins, NFTs, Oracle pools, and decentralized mixers, among many other things.

You can read Ergo’s Manifesto here

About Tesseract

Tesseract is a protocol that allows dApps to run without having access to the user's private key. Instead, it facilitates communication with the Wallets to request transaction and data signatures.

The main goal of the Tesseract protocol is to enable dApp developers to provide a secure but at the same time smooth and easy-to-understand user experience without compromising privacy and decentralization. 

In contrast to the case-specific solutions, Tesseract protocol can work in various environments: on the smartphone, desktop, or even crossing the border of a single device (i.e. a dApp runs on the computer, and the wallet is on the smartphone).

You can test the demo dApp that utilizes Tesseract to work on iPhone here: https://tesseract.one/#demo

About Ledger

The renowned leader in the industry of security solutions for crypto assets was founded in 2014. With its headquarters in San Francisco and Paris, Ledger has more than 200 employees developing a wide variety of products and services to shield assets either for companies or individuals. Their wallets support more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and can now be sold worldwide, making security reachable and affordable to all.

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