Introducing the ‘Ergonaut’: the Ergo Foundation NFT sale!

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Guy Brandon

17 November, 2020

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This major auction will help fund the dev work carried out by our anons, and offers the opportunity for anyone to get their hands on a piece of Ergo history, thanks to the updated Auction House working with any Ergo wallet!

The launch of Ergo’s Auction House was a great milestone for Ergo Platform. Ergo NFTs offer additional features to those on other blockchains, and our auction back in October sold the first ever PoW-backed NFT to raise funds for developers. The NFT sold for 1,027 ERG.

At that point, it was only possible to bid on the auction if you ran your own node, making it difficult for most of the community to participate. 

Now, we’re launching another auction, again to raise funds for our anon devs, who have done so much amazing work. And this time, a new service means any wallet can be used!

This auction is something a little bit different. The NFT will represent the first image of our new Ergo mascot, the Ergonaut. Featured here with his futuristic multi-tool, we’ll be seeing more of this character in due course. We wanted to sell this image to introduce the Ergonaut to the community, and mark recent updates to the Auction House.

The NFT linked to the Ergonaut will contain certain information:

  • A digital monument to our anons. The token id was built from a box which contains (in its registers) the string “anon_92048 | anon2020* | anon_real”. Anons have made many contributions to the Ergo ecosystem, including ErgoMixer, ZK Treasury and the Auction House. 
  • 32 bits of work (token id: 000000002306564c7b03a78b76a2ce1d9d4e748ddf462cb73cc30b48e43e6e44).
  • The Ergonaut character image associated with the NFT (no rights to the concept). The token issuing box contains the image hash “059c321fad7e0b2bb474ebea46c8978d1957eb1b5f11c589e52f129d14b3bde4” in Register #8.

All the funds from this sale will go to our anon devs, enabling them to continue building cool new features for the Ergo ecosystem.

If you don’t run your own node, you can still bid on this auction using the transaction Assembler service. Click on the ‘Configure Wallet’ button in the top right corner of the Auction site, click ‘Any Wallet’, and fill in your address. 

When you place a bid, you’ll be given an address to send your ERG to. The standard rules apply: if you are outbid, your ERG will immediately and automatically be sent back to you.

Good luck and happy bidding!

You can find out more about the Tx Assembler service on ErgoForum.

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