The First Ergo NFT Auction Is Under Way!

Guy Brandon

October 19, 2020

The first ever PoW-backed NFT was generated by Ergo developer anon_real, and is being sold to help fund creation of the new Ergo DEX.

Ergo recently announced two major new developments: the ability to create non-fungible tokens, and the Ergo Auction House, a Marketplace for NFTs.

The very first Ergo NFT is now for sale on Auction House.

This is a unique, indivisible token mined by anon_real, one of Ergo’s anonymous devs. It is also the first ever proof-of-work-backed token on the platform. Moreover, it has the word ‘ergo’ hidden in its id:


(The bolded characters, "6572676f", are the base16 encoding of "ergo".)

Anon_real is also developing Ergo’s DEX, and the ERG received from the same will be used to help fund that project. Between NFT auctions and the DEX, anon_real is contributing important infrastructure to Ergo’s DeFi ecosystem.

So, submit a bid, grab a piece of Ergo history, and help Ergo develop ground-breaking new DeFi technology!

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