Ergo roadmap for 2020

Guy Brandon

August 4, 2020

Future dates at time of publication are subject to change

March 2020: Command-line version of decentralised trustless mixer, ErgoMixer, launched

April 2020: Command-line version of decentralised exchange

April 2020: ErgoMixer with Web interface (simple PoC)

June 2020: Ergo and Emurgo announce joint research partnership, including integration of Ergo into Emurgo’s flagship Yoroi wallet

June 2020: ErgoMixer with GUI

June 2020: New Emurgo brand, Emurgo Research, releases first research report on UTXO-based contracts.

June 2020–ongoing: Joint Ergo/Emurgo research into Oracle pool design. Joint development of stablecoin based on oracle pools

July 2020–ongoing: Joint DeFi research and integration in Yoroi as ‘MetaMask’-style solution for Ergo

July 2020: smart contract-based pool for self-sovereign miners

August 2020: Oracle pools PoC launch

August-September 2020: Ledger integration

September-October 2020: First Ergo network hardfork

Autumn 2020: Launch of jointly-developed Ergo/Emurgo stablecoin on Ergo blockchain

Autumn 2020: Algorithmic stablecoin added to ErgoMixer

Autumn 2020: Crowdfunding UI launch

November 2020: Private cross-chain swaps core functionality (commandline)

November 2020: Ergo decentralised exchange (ErgoDEX) core functionality developed

December 2020: Launch of GUI for ErgoDEX

December 2020-January 2021: ErgoDEX gateways for atomic swaps with major coins

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