Ergo Withdrawal

Alex Chepurnoy

July 3, 2019

Spending mining reward

This text is to help miners to withdraw funds mined.

A lot of folks launched a node and also a miner, with pubkeyHex from the miner embedded in the node config. Now
information on how to recognize the coins mined and withdraw them to another address.

On keys.

A miner can see a lot of keys in different formats.

First, mining software and also mining support in the node (namely, ergo.node.miningPubKeyHex setting in the config) are using a Base16-encoded "raw" public key, which is just an encoded serialized point on elliptic curve. This key is enough for a miner (which can avoid then supporting Base58, address forming etc).

Second, a node wallet shows Pay-To-Public-Key (P2PK) addresses, which are starting with "9". P2PK adress contains not just elliptic curve point, but also network prefix and checksum, similarly to Bitcoin P2PK and P2PKH addresses.

Third, there is minig/rewardAddress API method, which is intended for external tools generating block candidates. This API method shows something like 88dhgzEuTXaSfKEbxfa6vghvEGdBH39sn9h7As2Y2Z6SGd8bKXCXmRLY5JtU4g4RYBP4WcZWb3JwjXDK, which is a special script to pay a miner in encoded form.

Anyway, if you put pubkeyHex from you miner into your node, everything is okay, just don't worry about different keys seen.

Getting you balance shown & withdrawals

Probably you don't see mined coins after wallet initialization, if its done on height after blocks mined. Please note,
the node is not scanning blocks backwards, it is only scanning new blocks after the initialization. Thus in order to find mined coins, full blockchain rescan is needed atm (or, if you mine, launch another node on another machine, or on the same machine with different ports set in the config, namely, set new values to scorex.restApi.bindAddress and fields; also please use version 3.0.1 as it is easier to configurate).

In order to spend rewards you need to follow the steps below:

1. Clear node state, if you're going to stop working node.

In order to clear the state of your node you need to stop the node and then remove all contents of .ergo directory (it could be hidden from you on Mac and Linux, try ls -a command in the directory you ran the node from).

2. Restoring a local wallet from the seed-phrase used in the Autolykos miner

Remember that mnemonic sentence you set in the config.json when configuring your Autolykos miner - now you need to restore build-in wallet from it. In order to restore your wallet start the node again and send a POST request to http://[your_node_ip]:9053/wallet/restore containing the application/json content-type body like:

  "pass": "your_wallet_pass",
  "mnemonic": "mnemonic_sentense_from_your_miner",
  "mnemonicPass": "mnemonic_pass_if_set"

, where pass is a new unique pass to be used to encrypt wallet data on your local disk, and mnemonic is a mnemonic phrase you copied from your Autolykos miner config (config.json). Please especially pay your attention to mnemonicPass field - this is a password of your mnemonic phrase, it's optional and you could have configured it when generating your mnemonic. So add this field to the request only in case your mnemonic is really protected with a pass, remove this field otherwise.

Don't forget to authorize your request setting correct api_key HTTP header corresponding to the apiKeyHash your configured in the node config file.

ATTENTION: In order to let the wallet scan all the blocks from the genesis you need to restore the wallet before your node would have started downloading full blocks (Check fullHeight in /info API method response - while it is null your node haven't start downloading full blocks)

3. Check your balance

When your node got synced with the network check /wallet/balances API method. The response should look like:

  "height": 3560,
  "balance": 67500000000,
  "assets": {}

Pay attention to the height field first - it should equal fullHeight displaying by /info API route. balance is a confirmed balance found by your wallet.

4. Make a transaction spending your reward

In order to withdraw a reward from your wallet, create a new payment transaction using /wallet/payment/send API route. In order to perform this operation send a POST request containing an application/json content-type body like:

  "address": "your_address",
  "value": 10000000

, where address is the address you want to move your funds to and value is how many nanoERGs you wish to move.

When the request is sent the node would return transation id in response. You can use explorer to check when your transaction gets to the block.

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