What is ERGO?

A decentralized blockchain platform that is based on novel scientific ideas

A user-friendly protocol that allows users to run a full node on a smartphone

A protocol-friendly transactional language that can make money “smart"

What makes ERGO unique among blockchains?


ERGO's platform concept is based on an array of studies which enhance its overall performance in order to provide much needed solutions to widely spread and common problems in the Blockchain landscape. Most of studies which comprise ERGO have been presented at the most respected Crypto conferences around the world and thus far the reviews from our peers has been very positive.


ERGO's mission is improving every aspect of a blockchain, but our top priority is ensuring long term survivability. We are building correct-by-design blockchain, capable of continuing without depending on a centralized development team, regular hardforks and/or high end hardware requirements for the userbase. For example, our improvements will allow users to synchronize and efficiently validate blocks regardless of blockchain and state size.


ERGO will require just a few Kb of data to synchronize the network and begin processing blocks in a trustless manner. This less intensive data requirement means user-friendly mobile wallets can be created with full node security guarantees. A new kind of network decentralization will be possible eliminating the need for centralized exchanges as wallets.


ERGO's idea is based on idealistic views to decentralized world. ERGO will have ASIC and pool resistant Proof-of-Work algorithm, preventing blockchain centralization in hands of miners and pool operators. Our treasury system will allow to prevent governance and development centralization. Light nodes with high security guaranties will prevent services centralization.


ERGO's transactional language is the flexible alternative to Bitcoin scripting language. It combines environment conditions and cryptographic Σ-protocols with AND, OR as well as k-out-of-n connectives. It's unique approach allows building Turing-complete smart contracts with efficient compile-time cost analysis, features which are vital against eventual DDoS attacks.

Who is behind ERGO?

ERGO is the product of years of collaboration between respected scientists and their specific areas of expertise combined with our team of engineers and partners in order to bring forth a new type of blockchain which aims to become the new standard in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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