Ergo Reference Client 5.0 Activated

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December 7, 2022

Ergo’s latest reference client update offers a new and improved method for transaction costing while greatly improving the user experience and network efficiency.

Even with current market conditions, Ergo’s innovation and progress presses forward at a record pace. The ecosystem continues to show impressive developer activity, and the latest Ergo Reference Client update presents an even more efficient blockchain.

Ergo Reference Client 5.0 has launched and it offers improved efficiency and costing tools. Simply put, the network can now process even more transactions per block, and developers will be able to employ much more efficient transaction costing. Until this update, Ergo’s costing method was determined by Ahead-of-time (AOT) costing. With the activation of Ergo Reference Client 5.0, the network now deploys a hybrid method for costing, using both AOT costing and Just-in-time (JIT) costing.

“In the first stage, transaction inputs go through a verifier (one input after another) and each input’s script is reduced to a sigma proposition - a kind of spending condition which can be cryptographically verified. JIT costing is applied during this reduction stage.
When every input in the transaction has a sigma proposition, then AOT costing (which is both very simple and fast) is used to calculate the costs of all cryptographic operations in the transaction. All costs are then added together to determine the final cost of the transaction itself. Once the final cost of the transaction is obtained it is added to the block cost, which must be within the block budget before it can be added to it.”
-- Ergo’s Hybrid Method for Counting Costs

For more details on this exciting and innovative development, please see the above linked article and the Ergo Foundation’s recent blog post about this technology.

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