Ergo Launches Rosen Bridge to Cardano

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November 13, 2022

There has been a plethora of development on Ergo recently and another important milestone has just been reached. The Rosen Bridge has just gone live on Ergo and Cardano in soft launch mode.

Joseph Armenio has described the Rosen Bridge (00:10) as “a trustless Ergo-centric second layer authentication bridge.” Armenio also goes on to state (00:32) that “the end goal of this bridge is not to be fast, but to be secure.” The main use case of the Rosen Bridge is to send and receive coins and tokens between Ergo and any other blockchain (Cardano at this moment). There will be no need to utilize smart contracts on other chains as the consensus will be performed on Ergo.

The beta user interface is currently live at At the moment, the Rosen Bridge is only available for private testing. Bridge security and token distribution need to be tested to be sure the bridge is working as intended. Once testing is complete and devs are satisfied with the bridge’s security, the bridge will be made available to the public.

For more information, please visit discord for details about this exciting new development. Stay tuned to Ergo’s social media channels for updates on when the Rosen Bridge will be available for public use.

DISCLAIMER - Do not use the Rosen Bridge to send ANY tokens at this time. Once the security of the bridge has been thoroughly tested, it will be made available for public use. Until that time, any funds transmitted will be lost.

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