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June 1, 2023

When using the Ergo blockchain, it is important to choose the right wallet for managing your assets and interacting with dApps. With several options to choose from, deciding which wallet is best suited for your needs can be overwhelming. This article will offer a brief overview of some of the more popular Ergo wallets and their respective features.

Ergo Wallet (Mobile)

The Ergo Wallet, accessible on both Android and iOS devices, offers a unique feature for secure cold storage. Available under the name 'Terminus Wallet' on the iOS App Store, it enables users to convert a second mobile device (perhaps an old, unused phone) into a secure cold storage wallet. While it doesn't support the dApp connector, the wallet is compatible with sites that have incorporated ErgoPay. For users who prefer not to input their private keys on a mobile device, Ergo Wallet offers a 'Read-Only' option.

Nautilus Wallet

Nautilus is a privacy-focused, web-based wallet with a simple and user-friendly interface. It offers cold wallet support (currently with Ledger devices in Dev mode), and it features a dApp connector that is compatible with the ecosystem’s most popular dApps. For those who want a simple wallet with an accessible user interface, Nautilus wallet is an excellent choice for those who prioritize privacy and ease of use.

Nautilus Wallet is available via Chrome Extension.

Other Ergo Wallet Options

The wallets that have been listed so far offer some of the easiest gateways for storing Ergo native assets and interacting with the ecosystem. For those who would like to explore wallets with additional functionality, the following list offers a great deal of utility:

  • SAFEW: is a web-based wallet featuring support for both the dApp connector and an ErgoPay connector. It is well suited for developers, offering ErgoMixer access, transaction builder in Expert mode, and more.
  • Satergo: A desktop-based wallet with embedded node functionality and plans to support cold wallet and mixer functionalities soon.
  • Minotaur: is a multi-platform wallet that enables any dApp to be embedded directly in the app. For instance, Minotaur Wallet offers support for two dApps (so far!). This includes an integration for issuing SigUSD directly within the wallet. In the future, Minotaur will feature a protocol that will also allow for new dApps without the need for an update.
  • Ergo Full Node Wallet: A desktop wallet with a wallet panel interface for developers who require full-node support.
  • Paper Wallet: A quick and easy paper wallet.

When it comes to choosing the right wallet, prioritize your needs and requirements. For those who are new to Ergo, Nautilus and Ergo Wallet are excellent choices for easy-to-use and immediately accessible wallets. However, for users with more specific needs, such as dApp support or developer tools, the other wallet options may offer you the most utility for your needs.

Always remember to follow best security practices when setting up your new wallet!

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