Flux Announces Ergo Parallel Asset

Ergo Platform

August 7, 2022

The Ergo Foundation is pleased to announce that Flux will be adding a new parallel asset that will provide a bridge to the Ergo Platform. This bridge will bring the potential for cross-chain interaction with Ergo.

Flux has been building a decentralized computer network via cloud infrastructure, and adding Ergo will increase their number of parallel assets among other blockchains.

With Flux, the size of the computational network can allow Ergo dApps to take advantage of Flux’s decentralized hosting. Those who choose to make use of this bridge will be pleased to hear that Zelcore wallet will also be adding support for Ergo native assets.

Ergo and Flux share several core values, including a fair launch (with no ICO), a commitment to decentralization, and the desire to be community driven.

For more information about Flux, please visit their website for details on their projects and developments.

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