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September 7, 2021

The first ERGOHACK three months ago was such a success that we have decided to host another, ERGOHACK II, from October 8-10, 2021. Interested applicants can head over to our official hackathon page ( for all of the relevant information and application details. 

What is ErgoHack?

A hackathon is a competition where teams of different specialists (from developers to marketers) work to solve a problem using information technology in order to present a prototype for a product that implements the solution for said problem. For ERGOHACK II, competitors can participate in additional activities such as workshops, networking etc. Active participants may actually be offered the opportunity to join the Ergo core team. 

How does ErgoHack work? There are several stages for this event:

  1. First, you apply via the application form. Include your contact info and a few words about your skills and motivation (you may be asked a few questions from our community manager to be approved). After confirmation from the Ergo team,  you are registered and added to the Discord chatroom. Feel free to ask questions in the chat about the hackathon.
  2. At the hackathon, you can network, discuss your ideas, and communicate with our mentors. You will also receive access to ERGO workshops.
  3. Pitch your prototype as a Demo (to get to the Demo phase, you need to pass all 3 checkpoints of review) and win prizes, because you are awesome!

We had our first hackathon back in early June and there were 6 teams participating in the event. You can check out the highlights from the last hackathon here. 

ErgoHack II

ERGOHACK II is for teams of 2-5 people. We also encourage solo developers to join a team by consulting the  i-need-a team in Ergo Discord. Here you will find other solo participants looking for teammates. 

People who join the hack will be able to take lessons and receive guidance from core Ergo developers before and during the event. Participants will have the privilege of being mentored by Ergo’s developers and will gain first hand knowledge of the ecosystem while improving their coding abilities. Additionally, ERGOHACK II will hand out prizes totalling around 9K dollars worth of SigUSD. Winning developers will also have the chance to be offered a  job interview to join the Ergo team.

What do we aim for with this hackathon?

-Creating a learning environment where both new & experienced coders help each other and grow. 

-Creating new decentralized applications on the Ergo Ecosystem. 

-Making new versions/forks/improvements on the existing products.

-Create bridges for interoperability and explore the full functionality of NIPoPoWs

-Hire new members and grow the Ergo Developer Team

We are anticipating an influx of developers who are interested in coding with us to promote the growth and development of the  Ergo ecosystem. We also have bounties for those who are willing to prepare Ergo Coding tutorials.

Ergo Ecosystem

The Ergo Ecosystem has numerous dApps available with the new ErgoDEX currently available for test driving with ERG/SigUSD and ERG/SigRSV pairs. This powerful DEX will offer shared liquidity between AMM and Order Book liquidity pools, high functionality with buy-back and partial filling orders, and cross-chain interoperability on both the Ergo and Cardano blockchains.

Other dApps include:

Ergo Auction House

ErgoMixer (the FIRST non-interactive, non-custodial mixer for tokens in cryptography)

Ergo NFT's

Ergo Raffle

Ergo Utils

Oracle Pools

SigmaUSD (a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin protocol)

Ergo Team

The technology behind Ergo is robust and is representative of the immense knowledge and experience of the core development team. The project was founded by Alexander Chepurnoy and Dmitry Meshkov who are both alumni of IOHK - the research arm of the Cardano Foundation. Both Chepurnoy and Meshkov have numerous academic papers to their names and previously worked together on the Scorex project at IOHK. Chepurnoy (aka Kushti) was also a core developer for NXT and was the co-founder for - now known as Chainlink.

Check out the official ERGOHACK II website now ( to reserve your place in the competition. If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to us on discord or telegram!

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