ErgoDEX Beta - Everything you need to know


August 11, 2021

We're pleased to announce that the ErgoDEX team have launched their first beta!

To access the beta, you’ll need to follow the steps below and install Yoroi Nightly, the dApp connector - and get your hands on some test tokens. 

The ErgoDEX Team has put function first for this initial beta. However, there is a beautiful interface already designed which is being implemented - stay tuned!

dApp Connector

To interact with the ErgoDEX Beta UI you will need to install the following two extensions which are available on either Google Chrome, Brave or Sidekick. The Chrome versions can be found below;

Once these extensions are installed, create a new ERG wallet within the freshly installed Yoroi Nightly extension and send a small amount of ERG (~1) to cover protocol fees from your current wallet. 


In order to test the tokens, there’s a faucet available at this address that provides WT_ERG and WT_ADA. Simply replace YOUR_ADDRESS with your ERG address in this link.

This will provide 10k WT_ERG and 10k WT_ADA tokens (one request per address). These are test tokens and do not have any monetary value

Congratulations! You are now completely ready to start testing the beta interface available at

But wait… there’s more. 

In order to give the initial system a good test, we’ve partnered with the esteemed Erdoge token which is tradeable on ErgoDEX under an ERDOGE/KUSHTI liquidity pair. These are Ergo native tokens (with no real value) and are available for free from members throughout the Ergo Community chats. (That's if I don't get them first).

ErgoDEX and ERDOGE best partnership logos

Next Steps

Once there has been some testing with the existing native tokens outlined above, the tokens from SigmaUSD (SigUSD/SigRSV) can be added -- freeing them from the constraints and limitations of their existing contract.

Please open an issue on the ErgoDEX Front-End Github page with any comments or suggestions!

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