Ergo for Android Released


July 29, 2021

We’re pleased to announce the release of Ergo’s first mobile wallet! This app was built on top of Ergo Appkit - Ergo’s official SDK - and has been audited by the Ergo team. If you still hesitate to add your secrets to it: you can also use it without giving your mnemonic. You won't be able to send funds then, but you can track your balance.

Just this past weekend the Ergo Foundation approved a one-time grant to Benjamin Schulte (aka MrStahlfelge - Github) as a recognition of his development of Ergo Wallet for Android application.

He will also join the ergo dev team (as a part-time developer) starting from August to further develop the Android wallet and work on "Ergo on Android" related tech.


  • generating wallets, restoring wallets in a way compatible with Yoroi and Ergo node (only the first address can be seen at the moment)
  • you can add read-only wallets without entering your secrets to watch balance
  • no need to make full sync, this is a lightweight client
  • Requesting payments by showing QR code or sharing a link
  • Sending payments, manually or by scanning a QR code
  • Your secrets are stored password-encrypted or authentication-protected
  • Show wallet balance, configurable comparison fiat currency

Available on the Google Play store below, or directly via a GitHub APK. Please join the Ergo Discord for feedback or support.

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