2000 ERG in Prizes to be Won in the Ergo Digital Art Competition!

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Guy Brandon

12 February, 2021

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Create an original piece of digital art and list it for sale on the Ergo NFT Marketplace. The winning entry will receive 1000 ERG, with two further prizes of 500 ERG.

Digital art and NFTs are hot trends in the blockchain space, and Ergo has pioneered new approaches to minting NFTs

To celebrate the digital art sector and raise awareness of Ergo’s capabilities, we’re holding a digital art competition.

The competition will include three categories:

  • Any crypto-themed artwork, not necessarily limited to Ergo (prize: 1000 ERG)
  • Animated artwork on any theme, not necessarily limited to crypto (prize: 500 ERG)
  • Algorithmic/generative art on any theme (prize: 500 ERG)

To enter the competition:

  • Create an original work of digital art for one of the three categories.
  • Create an NFT representing this work of art (ErgoUtils can be used for this). Assistance may be found on the Ergo Discord.
  • List the NFT for sale on the Ergo Auction House NFT Marketplace, giving it whatever name you want. Your auction should last at least till the end of March 2021.
  • To identify entries, the description on the Auction House listing should include the words “Competition Entry:” followed by the category, either “Crypto”, “Animated” or “Algorithmic”, and then a description of your artwork. E.g. “Competition Entry: Algorithmic. This is an AI-generated image of a forest.”
  • The image must be displayed upon clicking the thumbnail alongside the listing price – it must not be contained solely in a secondary link.

The deadline for entries to be listed is 14 March 2021. The results will be announced towards the end of the month. 

Prizes will be distributed by placing bids on each artwork. If higher bids are subsequently placed by other bidders, the artist will receive these funds instead. Each prize is therefore the minimum the winning artist will receive.

The judges’ decision is final, including the decision not to award a prize/make a bid if no artwork meets the required quality.

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