Ergo Foundation Makes Key dApp Infrastructure Grant

Guy Brandon

November 17, 2020

The Ergo Foundation will consider proposals for grants towards projects that will support significant ecosystem developments.

Ergo is a community-oriented project, with many contributors to various aspects of the ecosystem. Grants are available from the Ergo Foundation to help fund this work, which is vital for building out the everyday products and services required by users, as well as more diverse DeFi applications. 

The Foundation is actively seeking to make new grants, and has just voted to accept a brand new proposal that will improve the experience for all dApp developers.

Ergo dApp Infrastructure Setup tool

This latest proposal was made by Marek of FiveBinaries, who was also responsible for building the first Cardano-Ergo oracle solution.

At present, setting up the necessary infrastructure to support your dApps as a developer is difficult due to the limited documentation. The project targets this ecosystem pain-point by developing a tool which streamlines the process of setting up an Ergo node, explorer backend/frontend instance, and vital monitoring/logging tools. 

This will make the dApp developer experience significantly better by enabling devs to host their own infrastructure by merely running a command or two. As such the ecosystem will decentralise further, with many more nodes/explorer instances being scattered all across the world. Resiliency of both the blockchain itself and the dApp infrastructure on top will increase significantly as a result, while at the same time improving the experience for developers considerably.

Submit your proposal

The Ergo Foundation invites developers to submit new grant proposals, in order to speed up and decentralise the process of building key Ergo ecosystem services. Proposals should include:

  • An overall summary of the project
  • Intended goals
  • Timeline
  • Size of grant requested

The first two sections of FiveBinaries’ grant proposal are included below as an example:

# Ergo hosted infrastructure

To make it easier for dApps developers to host their infrastructure, either as a service to their users or development of their applications, I would like to propose a project to improve the experience by providing an out of the box solution.  

## Deliverables

The out-of-box experience would be a cluster consisting of the following components.

* Ergo node

* Ergo explorer

* Ergo frontend

* Ergo backend (chain-grabber, explorer-api, utx-broadcaster and utx-watcher)

* Monitoring

* Grafana (metrics)

* ELK (logs)

The project will make use of docker-compose to setup a number of containers forming a cluster.

If you have a great idea which you are looking to implement that would improve the Ergo ecosystem as a whole, please feel free to apply for an Ergo Foundation grant by emailing your proposal to:

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