Crowdfunder Announcement: Help Ergo Get Listed on MEXC Exchange

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August 29, 2023

This raffle seeks to fundraise ERG tokens for the Ergo listing on MEXC Exchange, a popular cryptocurrency exchange ranked in the top 10 for volume.

Greetings, Ergonauts! The Ergo team is excited to announce an incredible opportunity to bring ERG tokens to a broader market with a possible listing on MEXC Exchange - a popular cryptocurrency exchange ranked in the top 10 for volume. To make this a reality, there is an initiative to fundraise $50,000 and we are turning to our dedicated community to help us get there!

Why MEXC Exchange?

Listing ERG on MEXC would be a significant milestone for Ergo for several reasons:

  1. Exposure: MEXC Exchange is one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency world with a high trading volume and user base.
  2. Credibility: Being listed on a reputable exchange like MEXC adds a layer of trust and credibility to Ergo.
  3. Accessibility: It will make ERG more accessible to a broader audience, driving adoption and usage.
  4. Liquidity: More trading volume and liquidity for ERG.
  5. Advanced Trading Options: MEXC provides futures, options, and other advanced financial instruments that our community has been asking for.

The Fundraising Goal

  • Cost Breakdown: The total cost for the listing is $70,000, of which $50,000 is being raised through this community initiative.
  • ERG Valuation: With ERG currently priced at $1.06, approximately 47,170 ERG is needed to reach the goal.
  • Deadline: This fundraiser will aim to achieve the goal within the next 60 days.

How to Contribute

Please donate by buying tickets at this raffle.

Let's Do This Together!

This is an exciting time for Ergo and its community. We believe that the strength of a community lies in its ability to be self-reliant. With your help, we can take ERG to new heights.

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