Zelcore Wallet Officially Adds Ergo Token Support

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September 6, 2022

The Ergo Foundation is pleased to announce that there is a new wallet option available for use in the Ergo ecosystem. Zelcore wallet, the popular wallet designed for Flux, has added support for the Ergo token ($ERG). With this news, Ergonauts can now use Zelcore to interact with Ergo dApps and markets (such as NFT markets, Spectrum, ErgoPad and much more), as well as swap $FLUX and $ERG via the wallet’s Fusion feature.

The team behind Flux have been strong collaborators with Ergo, and they are currently implementing Ergo as the next Flux Parallel Asset. When creating a Flux Parallel Asset, Flux tokens can be swapped for a “parallel asset” that will allow it to exist on a different blockchain. In this case, Flux tokens can be swapped to operate on the Ergo blockchain.

For those in the Ergo ecosystem who may not be familiar with Flux, the project is building decentralized cloud infrastructure to “develop, manage, and spawn your applications on multiple servers at once.” For more information on Flux, please visit their website and explore all the features that the Zelcore wallet brings to Flux and Ergo.

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