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October 9, 2022

Registration for ErgoHack V: Mining and Minting has officially closed, and it is time to explore what the participants have submitted for their proposals. For this hackathon, a total of fourteen teams have registered. In this blog post, we will introduce each of the teams and the project that they will work on during ErgoHack V.


This project will work on enhancing sigma-rust with JIT 5.0 costing.


This team is proposing a decentralized twitter.


“This EIP proposes modifying how parameter identifiers are communicated in the extension section of block headers, such that in addition to miners being able to vote for or against a change, they can vote partially in support of a change (for indicative voting). This will enable mining pools to pass along true governance power to their miners when combined with a method for miner voting within a pool (such as GetBlok's proof-of-vote).”


“SNISPs are Succinct, Non-Interactive Share Proofs which will allow for accurate and efficient calculations of performed work on the blockchain.

These proofs can be applied to any PoW blockchain. They should allow for the creation of decentralized mining pools with better security assumptions than alternatives like P2Pool, and better scalability than ETH based SmartPools. They may also be used for other applications which involve measuring performed work (such as direct work-based governance, work-backed assets, etc.)”


This competitor will “be building a UI and website for generating 1010s art pieces so the community will be able to make their own. [Time willing, this entry] will also experiment with SVG format (versus PNG), and enable minting the piece in a connected wallet.”


“Paizo will be an on-chain mining governance simulation tool to help educate miners on how chain governance works. Currently, this information is highly technical and not intuitive to learn for the average user, so we hope to make this information simple to understand so miners are empowered to make their voice heard on chain.”


Ergo-payroll will be “an automated payroll distribution tool for ERGO. Enter your employees, enter the amount (count) in token or the amount of USD in token, enter frequency, and their wallets. Users only need to keep filling up the bank and the system will take care of the rest.”


This project will build a “decentralized CoinFlip application on Ergo where users can bet on head or tail.

A single-box SC will handle the state that transforms through betting - cooldown - evaluation - payout.
Only one ObolFlip can run in state betting, and payout will share all amounts betted between all winners.


“The DAO-based Ergo Audit Project allows Ergo-community members to audit ecosystem projects or smart contracts for certain rewards. ‘Ergo Audit’ DAO provides a set of frameworks/templates that helps auditors to make a standardized detailed research of a selected project in various categories. The audits will be approved/declined by experienced auditors from DAO members. All accepted audits will visualize overall statistics of the projects or smart contracts in the ecosystem.”


“CYTI stands for Choose Your Token ID. This is a ‘minable’ smart contract allowing [an entity] to mint tokens with a given character sequence at the beginning of the token ID. A token minter creates a CYTI request, and miners generate the proper token ID using the CYTI miner software.

When one of the miners succeeds, [they receive] the fee from the CYTI contract and the token with the right token ID is sent to the token minter.

There are several other teams that have registered for ErgoHack V, and will be submitting proposal descriptions to our hackathon organizers over the course of ErgoHack V. They include raptor-mining, sigma-balls, ergo-names, and mine-ergo.

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels for all the ErgoHack V updates!

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