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May 16, 2023

As the blockchain industry continues towards increased adoption, the need for clear and informative education materials grows evermore important. Still an emerging technology, the technical concepts can be complicated and overwhelming for a person that is new to crypto. In order for blockchain to be accessible to new markets, the barrier to entry requires that relatable, concise, and informative resources increase a user's access to blockchain technology. How does one mint an NFT? How do you set up a wallet? Where and how can someone buy and sell cryptocurrency? Understanding these topics (and many more) are vital to welcoming newcomers to blockchain.

What are Ergo Tutorials?

The Ergo Tutorials website offers instructive and detailed guides on how to perform various unique tasks on the Ergo blockchain. Presented in several languages, this website helps guide prospective Ergonauts on topics such as creating and operating various wallets, performing token swaps, using the Ergomixer, and much more. Presented in video format, they provide clear step-by-step instructions to become more familiar with these various products and processes on Ergo. These tutorials cover the basics and even go into more complex topics, such as creating a token with python or learning about Ergo APIs.

With more than 26 videos to choose from, some of the more notable tutorials include:

  • buying and withdrawing $ERG from exchanges
  • operating within the Spectrum Finance DEX with different wallets
  • how to download several wallets
  • interacting with the Skyharbor NFT marketplace

Although blockchain technology can seem intimidating, these tutorials serve to empower newcomers so that they may feel comfortable participating in the Ergo ecosystem.

To learn more about Ergo and the resources available through Ergo Tutorials, please visit the following websites:

Ergo Tutorials Youtube
Ergo Tutorials Twitter
Ergo Tutorials Website

Language Editions

Ergo Tutorials - Français
Ergo Tutorials - Italiano
Ergo Tutorials - Deutsch
Ergo Tutorials - Português
Ergo Tutorials - Español

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