Ergo: The Roadmap to Success - Part 4

Ergo Platform

February 23, 2023

For the next chapter of “Ergo: The Roadmap to Success,” we take an in depth look at aspects of Ergo that have the potential to propel the blockchain to new levels of exposure and adoption. These include education initiatives, low-risk investing based technology, NFT marketplaces and the security to ensure the safety of your assets.

Education: The Gateway to Adoption

Educating investors on the technological capabilities of a project is vital for the growth of a successful cryptocurrency. There are several approaches to education within the Ergo ecosystem that interested parties can explore.

One such approach is the community led initiative known as DeCo. Created by the same group behind ErgoLend, DeCo offers courses for anyone who wants to learn how to build and code on Ergo. Students gain valuable experience learning about Ergo’s scripting language (Ergoscript) with some additional exposure to Scala.

The Sigmanauts program is another avenue people can explore to learn more about the Ergo Platform. This program was created to build a community-driven approach to the growth and promotion of the blockchain. Interested parties can apply to become part of the Sigmanauts program where they will learn more in depth information about what Ergo has to offer. Once they have established themselves in the program, individuals may be offered the opportunity to take on a community role where they help to promote and educate others about Ergo.

In addition to these very successful community initiatives, the Ergo Foundation’s strategic advisor, Daniel Friedman, has announced that the foundation is in talks to partner with an accredited university to create a curriculum centered around Ergo.

Refundable ICOs: Protecting the Retail Investor

When it comes to preventing scams and creating a move level playing field, the creation of tooling that enables refundable ICOs is a game changer. ICO stands for initial coin offering, and it refers to raising capital in the early stages of a cryptocurrency project. ICOs are fairly common throughout the industry and can be beneficial to a project’s growth. However, there can be potential problems for retail investors. Depending on the structure of an ICO, there can be an uneven distribution of coins to insiders and venture capitalists. If this insider group sells their tokens together at a later date, it can leave retail investors hanging. It is important to note that this unfortunate scenario does not always happen and many projects have put ICOs to good use, but the possibility of it happening is a serious drawback for ICOs.

A refundable ICO is essentially a contract whereby the consumer can reverse their investment trade and recover a portion of their investment if the project does not work out, or is going in a direction that makes the investor uncomfortable. This puts a greater amount of responsibility and risk on the project organizers. The comet token is an example of a project that has implemented a refundable ICO on the Ergo blockchain.


The team behind SkyHarbor have set out to build a user-friendly NFT marketplace on the Ergo blockchain, and it is quickly becoming a popular dApp in the community.

Sky Harbor allows users to buy and sell NFTs seamlessly for very low fees.
Key Features of Sky Harbor include:

  1. Recently Listed Section
  2. Trending Section
  3. Top 8 Weekly Volume Trending
  4. Activity → Last sold price and how long ago it was sold
  5. Collections Section
  6. Verification Check
  7. FAQ Section
  8. Floor Collection Price
  9. Seamless Buy and Sell Experience
  10. User Friendly Experience

Ledger Support

With so many exchanges being liquidated recently, crypto consumers are looking for ways to store their assets in secure and private wallets. Although Ergo does have several excellent wallets that enable self-custody, it is only recently that Ledger hardware support has been made available to the community via Ledger dev mode. If you are comfortable operating in dev mode, you can start using your Ledger device to securely store assets. With dev mode now enabled for Ledger, it is just a matter of time before the Ergo app is made fully available on Ledger.

Ergo is still a young blockchain and developer activity continues to grow significantly throughout this recent bear market. ErgoHack VI has just recently ended and the community eagerly awaits to see who will win awards from the extensive prize pool. With so much going on for Ergo, it’s exciting to watch and wonder where the blockchain will be in the years to come.

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