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August 9, 2023

Developers are the backbone of any cryptocurrency ecosystem, and they are responsible for creating many of the dApps that we use every day. Generally, a blockchain’s ability to flourish has a positive correlation with not only how many developers are present within an ecosystem, but how easy it is to develop on the blockchain as well. The issue with developing on certain blockchains is that only certain coding languages are compatible. However, with a recent update from prominent Ergo developer Captain Nemo (founder of Nautilus wallet), development is much more accessible.

What Does this Recent Update Do and What are the Benefits?

Captain Nemo has recently introduced Fleet SDK v0.1.3 on Ergo. They state that “This version brings an ErgoScript compiler and a ‘mock chain’ package, which lets you test your Ergo contracts in a simulated blockchain environment using popular test frameworks like Jest and Vitest.”

For those who are not technical, one may be asking what this means exactly. Essentially, developers now have the opportunity to utilize two of the world's most popular programming languages, JavaScript and TypeScript, to build Ergo dApps. Coupled with the open source nature of Ergo, this lowers the barrier for developing on Ergo and could foster greater adoption of the protocol. Developers who want to build dApps on Ergo do not need to start from scratch and are encouraged to innovate on other developer’s code.

It can be overwhelming for developers coming into a new ecosystem. Finding resources, educational information, and other documentation needed to gain knowledge of certain coding languages is not always easily accessible. However, Ergo provides a plethora of resources to assist newcomers with development.

With Captain Nemo’s Fleet v0.1.3 update, it is important to note that an SDK (software development kit) acts as a well-constructed framework with pre-built tools, libraries, and resources that accelerate the coding process. This essential infrastructure will no doubt attract even more developers to the Ergo ecosystem. These time-saving tools allow design choice to be a priority, ensuring that future dApps will be of the highest quality possible.

One of the greatest qualities of Ergo is the ease with which developers (core and community) can be reached. Specifically, the Ergo’s Discord development server is a place where like-minded developers share, debate, and bounce ideas off of each other in order to aid in problem solving.

In order to foster adoption on the blockchain, development needs to be widely accessible to all ranges of developers. Ergo strives to create a seamless transition for developers designing and building on Ergo. Creating permissionless, open source, and transparent code is a part of Ergo’s ethos, and this important update by Captain Nemo is a massive step forward in creating more financial tools for the ordinary person.

New Developers

If you are a developer new to the Ergo ecosystem, these links may be useful:

To access the development channel in Discord, go to channels in the sidebar. Click Channels & Roles (near the top). Then, select Start Developing.

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