Ergo Summit: Privacy Event

Ergo Foundation

February 4, 2022

Join us from February 17-23, 2022 for this event.

As blockchain technology marches towards mainstream adoption, the questions around privacy and security, and the responsibilities associated with these discussions are growing. For blockchain to achieve meaningful adoption, the tools and products it provides need to cater to the needs of individuals and commercial enterprises while improving upon the services that already exist. 

In our current society, privacy is something the individual often gives up willingly and casually. How many times do you read the terms and conditions of an agreement before you purchase a product or service online? Corporate and government entities hold great responsibility to protect and safeguard your privacy and most of us trust them implicitly to a fault. Your private information is often stored on centralized servers and it is a tempting treasure trove for would-be hackers.

Private information that is stored on commercial and government servers also goes beyond the databases of private citizens. The type of information those entities need to protect and secure extends to items such as corporate secrets, financial reports, security reports, and anything else that enterprise and governments need to secure.

Enter Ergo.

Ergo’s extended UTXO design is uncompromising in its robust and efficient security and privacy models. The utilization of Sigma protocols and NiPoPoWs (Non-interactive Proofs of Proof of Work) positions Ergo as the blockchain we need for the future of finance and data sharing.

These foundations provide real-world utility that enable individuals and organizations to choose the types of privacy for their respective needs. Imagine a future where individuals can choose how and where they share health records, tax records or credit score information. What about using this powerful and game-changing technology to secure and guarantee the validity of elections? That same future allows corporate entities to secure company secrets while providing the necessary transparency to operate legally in the jurisdictions they do business.

When you have secure and optional privacy tools, the ability to create a society that is efficient and trustless (while respecting transparency laws) becomes possible. 

Ergo can provide that future. Ergo is open source and academically peer reviewed. The team behind the project is not interested in being the first to market. As you may have noticed in the news lately, projects that have raced to be first to market have suffered from hacks and issues relating to centralization. Ergo’s team understands that research, complex mathematics, and software engineering require a steady and calculated approach. If you are not yet convinced about Ergo’s motives, take a look at the tokenomics. The platform conducted a fair launch and no tokens were pre-sold, or pre-allocated to founders or investors, making more of the token publicly available than any other smart contract platform. 

In the spirit of collaboration and open source, we extend a public invitation for all to join us for the first of three Ergo Summits in 2022 on Ergo’s YouTube channel. All interested parties are welcome to join us for an online conference from February 17-23, featuring presentations on privacy by guest speakers who are experts in the blockchain industry.

If you follow crypto news platforms, you will notice that conversations around privacy and security in blockchain are becoming more frequent. Media sources share opinion pieces that try to analyze which blockchain will provide the right mix of tools for mainstream adoption. Meanwhile, Ergo is at the ready, poised to provide the balance of transparency and privacy our society needs.

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