Community Projects on Ergo: Important Dates

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January 11, 2022

As we enter the New Year, Ergo is witnessing a boom in developer activity with the implementation of several new dApps and tools. With the upcoming ErgoHack III in February, the list of projects on Sigmaverse is expected to steadily grow. 

With this article, we launch a new series that aims to promote community projects and any upcoming events. If you are a community developer and are planning events for your project, please get in touch with us for future articles.

Disclaimer: Please note that it is important to always do your own research about a project before choosing to invest in it. 

There are two dates to mark in your calendars this week for two new projects in the Ergo ecosystem: ErgoPad and SigmaValley


SigmaValley is the first metaverse being built on Ergo where the project and visuals are inspired by the introduction from the Silicon Valley TV series. According to their website:

“SigmaValley provides a platform for Ergonauts to express themselves and aims to become a home for creative minds and crazy ideas.”

Interested participants can purchase plots of land (recorded and registered through NFTs) in SigmaValley and have the power to design and upload models and structures to their respective plots. The Roadmap for the project indicates that there will also be a ValleyDAO token that will be airdropped to BOTH bidders and winners from the plot auction. In addition to this token, the team behind SigmaValley are planning to launch something called ValleyRadio. It will be a marketplace for audio NFT’s and other soundtracks to be played in SigmaValley. Ergonauts in SigmaValley will also have the option of purchasing NFT’s through ValleyRadio.

For those who are interested, SigmaValley is launching their auction for the sale of land plots on January 13, 2022 at 14:00 UTC.


ErgoPad is the first IDO (Initial Decentralized Token Offering) platform on Ergo and the team behind it was a participant in a previous hackathon. The purpose of ErgoPad is to help new projects build financial capital through token sales during IDO’s. ErgoPad has deployed its own token through an IDO that gives investors governance powers as well as the ability to stake the asset. If investors reach a certain staking tier, they can enjoy early access to seed sales (often at a lower price than what will be charged at the IDO) for new projects.

According to their Roadmap, ErgoPad has had several rounds of early seed sales for their token. Before their token is released on decentralized exchanges however, the project is having one last private token sale, beginning on January 15, 2022. On this date, the “Pre-Sale Whitelist” will open to potential investors at a price of 0.03 SigUSD. Interested investors can find all the details and a breakdown of ErgoPad’s tokenomics on their website.

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