Ergo Wallet App

Official Ergo Wallet App. Lightweight and simple to use.

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What this wallet can

Besides receiving, sending and storing ERGs, you can do a lot more...

Assets support

You can use this wallet to receive tokens and NFTs.

Generate offline wallets

Use this wallet to generate cold wallets by keeping your device in flight mode. You can restore your funds with every other EIP3 compliant wallet application.

Watch wallets

Add wallets without your seed in read-only mode. You won't be able to send, but you can keep an eye on your funds. Lightning fast, and with a fiat comparison currency of your choice.

Scan QR codes

Scan payment QR codes from other users or websites for a satisfying sending experience.

What this wallet is


Your secrets are stored password-encrypted or authentication-protected. Every code change on the project is audited by an Ergo core team member.

Open Source

Check out the GitHub project.

Community backed

Visit the Ergo Discord or Telegram support group to get help.

In constant development

ERGO provides much. We are working to get more and more of its features available in the app.

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