Overview and goals

ERGO is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that introduces multiple improvements to different layers of the blockchain. ERGO intends to create a truly decentralized platform and provide accessible tools for trustless blockchain exploration and verification.

ERGO is designed for mass adoption. Its efficient blockchain protocol will allow it to be widely used while still remaining friendly to application protocols thanks to its unique transaction language. ERGO implements numerous scalability enhancements resulting in the ability to process thousands of transactions per second without mining centralization or an decreasing number of full nodes.

The links on this page provide a more comprehensive understanding of ERGO. Under Foundational Papers are links to most of the papers that have informed the creation of the ERGO protocol. In our soon to be released videos we will provide a brief but thorough explanation of ERGO’s foundational ideas. A coming series of white papers will provide a fuller vision of how each piece of our solution work together to create a blockchain unlike any other.

We will be conducting regular Q and A sessions on Slack and possibly other venues. Transcripts of these sessions will be posted in our News section as they happen. We will also update our FAQ page with the latest answers to the most frequent questions we receive.

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