13 06.17

Q & A session with Alex Chepurnoy and Dmitry Meshkov

Do you have any announcements?

  • A small distribution of tokens will be made next week to volunteers and collaborators.
  • We would like to offer some tokens for thoughtful proposals on fair--and possibly private--ICO arrangements. After the recent BAT ICO, it seems there is need for a better way. If you have some expertise in this area and/or some innovative ideas to share about how the whole ICO process could be improved (especially be made more fair), please let us know.
  • We're looking for Scala and Rust developers.
  • We would like to get in touch with a mobile dev willing to write a simple PoC of light bootstrapping.
  • Because ERGO is a perfect platform for data-intensive applications, we are thinking about launching two chains: MoneyChain and DataChain. They would each feature the same tech but possess different parameters. EFYT will be converted to both. (1 ErgoMoney + 1 ErgoData) First year emission will be the same for both. There will be sidechaining support, so it will be possible to e.g. release money in MoneyChain if some event happens in DataChain.

Do you have any updates to your roadmap?
We've decided to create an initial version of testnet with features that are already implemented in prototypes. First version of testnet will contain:
1. Proofs of Proof of Work
2. Authenticated data structures
3. Equihash mining algorithm

Those features will be enough to launch testnet and start testing in terms of network protocol, performance, etc. Rollerchain, Sigma transactional language, and the economy model will be added in the second version of testnet. We hope the first version of testnet will be ready in September. It will be enough to start light node implementation. With this, we’ll be able to estimate whether it'll really be possible to have full node security guarantees on a smartphone.

Is mainnet release still targeted for May 2018?
Yes. We are in no rush here.

Any plans on how you will advertise Ergo?
Before our first version of testnet launches (testnet0) there will not be much advertising. We aim to begin real advertising around September. We will share those plans as we get closer.

Will regular folks be able to run testnet node?
Sure. All code is always public and so it will be runnable.

Will Waves' and Ergo's Sigma language implementation be the same?
There will be some differences as Ergo will use the UTXO model of system state, like Bitcoin. Waves on the other hand has been built on top of an account-based model like Ethereum or Nxt

Which Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be used first for smart contract programming in Sigma? Smart contracts could become pretty complicated so a decent dev environment (like for solidity) is a must. How will you test and debug?
To test and debug, context is needed (blockchain state). Some simulators will be there. Maybe even some fuzzing testing tools to cover areas of context domain a developer may not even be aware of when writing a script.

Will cross chain communication be possible between Ergo and other platforms?
We may have atomic swap between Ergo and Waves when both support Sigma language. A swap with Bitcoin will be possible when the malleability problem is fixed. We’re still not sure about Ethereum. With Ethereum, sidechaining contracts is possible but may be prohibitively expensive for simple use cases considering current ETH prices. For some use cases, like ICO contracts, this is probably not a problem though.

Do you have your own slack?
Not yet.

How can you invest in this project?
Right now you can purchase EFYT on Waves DEX or at the Tidex exchange. Also, as we’ve mentioned in our announcements, we are always looking for people wanting to invest with their time to help us with papers, development, code, public relations and other needs that will arise.

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