29 03.18

ERGO Emission curve

After multiple internal discussions as well as taking into consideration our community's input, we are pleased to announce Ergo's MainNet emission curve which will be applied upon launch.

Emission curve was configured based on these considerations:

  • - Total supply: 100 million tokens (as described in FAQ section).
  • - Token distribution timeline: 8 years (due to Ergo's economy model [see papers in TECH section] it is possible to issue all tokens within this amount of time).
  • - Block interval: 2 minutes (in order to establish a robust and secure network).
  • - Fixed rate during initial 2 years: allowing this time frame so the circulating supply becomes more predictable.
  • - Miners rewards' reduction every 3 months, beginning after initial 2 years: in order to calculate rewards in a more predictable manner.

Taking all these concepts into consideration, Ergo's emission curve is as illustrated below:

Detailed formula is available in our GitHub - it begins with 75 coins per block, such reward is diminished by 3 coins every 3 months. Therefore 1st year supply will be 19,710,000 coins while total supply will equal 97,739,925 coins.

This emission curve will be used in both money and data chains. Regarding initial 1st year supply, a total of 3,029,000 $EFYT coins shall be burnt thus leaving 1,971,000 $EFYT coins as circulating supply.

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