• What does "Ergo" mean?

    Ergo means "therefore" and is often used to present a connection between ideas where the second idea is influenced by--or draws a logical conclusion from--the first one. That image of being guided by what has come before but embodying the next logical step really tells our story in a single symbol.

  • Will there be an ICO?

    There will not be an ICO. Ergo will start with 0 coins in circulation and all coins will be minted via PoW.

  • Will there be airdrops?

    We have already conducted an airdrop to Waves Community Token (WCT) holders. Any future airdrops will be done without any advance notice and would not be limited to WCT holders.

  • When will the ERGO network launch?

    Mainnet should be launched in 2018.

  • Do you need translators?

    We will be seeking translators after white paper release.

  • Can I mine ERGO?

    Not yet as the mining algorithm isn't fixed yet. We will notify the community when mining can commence.

  • Will hard forks be possible in ERGO?

    Ergo will be focused on soft forkability and will also allow for updates to its programming language Sigma.

  • What will be the total coin supply?

    Total supply will be a bit less than 100M coins, see this page for more info.

  • What is Ergo’s relationship to Waves and IOHK?

    Ergo is a completely separate and independent platform.

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