EIP37 Vote Passes

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October 4, 2022

Solution to Network Difficulty Offers Stability for Ergo Miners

After the Ethereum Merge, the Ergo network witnessed a significant increase in hashrate and mining difficulty. In the days that followed, it was clear that many former Ethereum miners were joining and testing out new Proof of Work blockchains with their hardware. When Ergo’s network hashrate spiked, block times became significantly longer. As miners left the network however, the mining difficulty remained high. This was because the mining protocol only adjusts difficulty with each new epoch.

In order to address this issue, the Ergo Foundation proposed the EIP37 hard fork, and it recently passed with over 90% vote by the mining community. EIP37 decreases the amount of time between epochs to 128 blocks, while also capping any change in network difficulty to no more than 50%. This means that epoch changes occur more frequently and mining difficulty will not be as severely impacted if the network hashrate spikes in the future.

For a complete breakdown on EIP37 and how the vote was passed, please read the latest Ergo Foundation blog post.

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